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What is Transformational Breath® and 100 Breaths CD [DOWNLOAD VERSION]

100 Breaths To Joy CD
100 Breaths To Joy CD
100 Breaths To Joy CD
100 Breaths To Joy CD
100 Breaths To Joy CD
Item #: CD013
What is Transformational Breath® and 100 Breaths CD [DOWNLOAD VERSION]
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Judith Kravitz leads you in a 5 minute daily guided breath meditation of 100 Breaths with visualizations and affirmations. On the other side Judith provides a brief introductory description of what Transformational Breath® is about.

Total Time 13:46.

ATTENTION!!! Download File is fairly Large. Read SPECS Tab.

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IMPORTANT: Our CDs are intended only to support a Transformational Breath practice. They are not sold as a teaching tool. Please locate a Facilitator in your area to learn Transformational Breath.


There are 2 tracks on this electronic download. They are in .mp3 format which may be played on your PC / Mac or MP3 player or various mobile devices.

ATTENTION!!! This Download File is 23 meg.
Download time estimates are at least:
3 meg Broadband - 1 minute
15 meg Broadband - 12 seconds
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The bit rate for these audio recordings is 256kbps which combines CD quality sound with a manageable download size. Tracks are named in order:


The only other content included with this download is the CD face graphic. No front / back cover graphics, notes, or jewel case inserts are included as part of the physical CD.


E-Products are NOT returnable.

WARNING - Do Not Listen to this CD while driving or doing any other activity that requires focus and concentration!!

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