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Earth Transitions
Earth Transitions

Transformational products from Earth Transitions
Orgone Pyramid Chi Stone Chakra Set DIY Space Clearing Kit 1. Orgone Pyramid transforms and elevates energies.
2. Chi Stone Chakra Set. Tuned to the archetypal pattern of each chakra
3. DIY Space Clearing Kit (now in e-Book). Clear the energies of your home like a professional!! 160 page illustrated booklet.
Click for these and more such as the Quantum Wave Laser, Pendants, Harmonizers, Water treatments.

Guiding Signs 101

Guiding Signs 101 Guiding Sign 101 Cards are 44 Playful and Powerful cards – including a 136 page guidebook. Guidance for questions, answers, and decisions at major crossroads & everyday life. Puts you in touch with your innate wisdom; your deeper truth. See the larger picture, make wise decisions, stay on track. Exercises are provided for discovering insights and inner wisdom. For those who are new to intuition, new to synchronicity, or already experts.
-- Developed by Erin Cote and Kathleen McIntire.

Avalon Cloaks

Avalon Cloaks Avalon Cloaks: The home of beautiful, handcrafted cloaks for seasonal ceremonies, rituals, handfastings and weddings.
Our wedding cloaks, pagan cloaks and ceremonial cloaks are all made with love, sacred intention, and professionalism. - Suzi and Julie Ann.


My Mantra My Mantra: Golden energy tattoos are temporary golden tattoos from MY MANTRA in Zurich. Sparkly, shiny, playful and easy to apply. Powerful energy symbols to adorn bodies and inspire all those who wear them. The creators of this body art say that "whoever wears them will feel good". - Daniela Rusconi

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