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Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD

Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD back cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD disc
Item #: CD046
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD
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"...Feel yourself walk out into a large room and hear the words, 'All Rise', as you walk to the Judge's bench..."

This is the beginning of the journey of Forgiveness, an exercise featured in our Seminar - especially powerful when presented in the training context, but powerful nonetheless each time you explore it on your own. Forgiveness leads to a meditation about us creating our Ideal Life, and concludes with a new Breath Session theme - the "Torus Breath". If you enjoy our Infinity/Triune session, you will enjoy this equally as much.

ATTENTION!!! This is the Disc version of the CD.
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IMPORTANT: Our CDs are intended only to support a Transformational Breath® practice. They are not sold as a teaching tool. Please locate a Facilitator in your area to learn Transformational Breath.

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There are 4 tracks on this disc. The recordings may be played on your PC / Mac or CD player, or other devices with a CD/DVD drive.

The Tracks are titled:

Breathing and Forgiveness
Envisioning the Ideal Life
Torus Breath Phase One
Torus Breath Phase Two

Included with this disc are the words to the Forgiveness track, and a small Torus chart to use as reference.


WARNING - Do Not Listen to this CD while driving or doing any other activity that requires focus and concentration!!

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