Breathing Analysis DVD
  • Breathing Analysis DVD
  • Breathing Analysis DVD
  • Breathing Analysis DVD
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    Breathing Analysis DVD [Download Version]

    Working with our Breath means to use our awareness to find ourselves. Transformational Breath® helps us to transform our breathing patterns which are considered as a metaphor of how we live our lives. The Breathing Analysis is one of the most innovative tools of Transformational Breath. It helps us to understand that when we restrict our breathing, we are repressing our emotional responses. Likewise we are restricting our lives. Opening completely our respiratory system, we open ourselves to a more expansive healthy life experience. Let this DVD become an inspiration for your work as an Angel of the Breath.

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    This DVD provides assistance mainly for professional Breathworkers (e.g. our Facilitators and Trainers), but its enlightening quality may be enjoyed by all. It shows the direct correlation between how we breathe and how we live our lives. Watch Judith Kravitz analyze and optimize a number of different breathing patterns, pointing out what areas of expression are open and closed along with behaviors and attitudes that show up in our breathing.

    IMPORTANT: Our Videos are intended only to support a Transformational Breath® practice. They are not sold as a teaching tool. Please locate a Facilitator in your area to learn Transformational Breath.


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