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    This book written by Judith Kravitz, developer of Transformational Breath, provides the history and an understanding of this profound self healing process.

    "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly
    The Joy of Transformational Breathing"

    by Judith Kravitz

    Free Breath Press – 3rd edition
    240 pages
    ISBN: 1-929271-01-8
    Printed and bound in the United States of America
    Copyright 1999.
    2nd Revised edition, July 2007.

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    Millions of adults and children worldwide, from Italy to Russia to England to the US, have been astounded by the multi-dimensional healing effects of Transformational Breath®. This book will help one understand the tangible benefits and potential of this powerful breathwork system. Our events train and guide individuals along their own self-healing journey.

    Download Sample from Chapters 1 and 14.

    Notice to the Reader: This is NOT a "How-To" Book. This book is intended for informational purposes only. No claims are made as to specific health benefits and it is recommended that persons suffering with mental or physical disease seek the professional or medical treatment of choice. Neither the publisher, author, nor the Transformational Breath Foundation may be held responsible for misunderstandings or misuse of the information contained herein. Several sessions with a professionally trained Transformational Breath facilitator are recommended before trying a breath session on your own.

    Table of Contents

    Part One

    • Inner View with a Breather …. 3
    • The Time is Now …. 13
    • Creating Vibrant Health …. 17
    • Anatomy of a Breathing Session …. 23
    • Breath Analysis: Mapping the Subconscious …. 31
    • Breathing Around the World …. 39
    • Breathing into Body, Mind, and Spirit …. 45
    • Level 1: Opening the Breath …. 49
    • The Electromagnetic Body …. 55
    • Level 2: Freeing the Mind …. 61
    • Level 3: Reclaiming Our True Nature …. 71

    Part Two

    • Breathing into Love, Power, and Joy … 76
    • Sex and Intimacy in Relationships …. 81
    • The Art of Giving …. 87
    • Healing Respiratory Conditions …. 105
    • The Natural High …. 117
    • Breathing with Youngsters …. 125
    • The Golden Years: Aging and Longevity …. 139
    • Breathing into the Final Transition …. 149
    • Psychotherapy, Prozac, or Breathing … 153
    • Unlocking the Inner Prisoner …. 167
    • Opening to the Infinite …. 177


    • Appendix A: Breath Analysis Checklist …. 183
    • Appendix B: The Physics of Breathing …. 185
    • Appendix C: Bibliography …. 196
    • Appendix D: Recommended Reading List …. 197
    • Appendix E: Transformational Breath Facilitators …. 199

    Dr. Judith Kravitz has devoted more than three decades to developing and sharing Transformational Breath with the world. In the early 80’s, she completely cleared herself of throat cancer, and has since witnessed thousands of similar healings in others.

    As a leading expert in breathwork, Dr. Kravitz has reached hundreds of thousands of people in 20+ countries, and has received accolades from Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Goldie Hawn, Norman Lear, and many others. This mother of eight, and grandmother of eight, is also an ordained minister with a doctorate degree in metaphysical studies.

    She has taught at many prestigious venues, including The Chopra Center, Canyon Ranch, Omega Institute, Rowe Camp & Conference Center, The Sirius Community, and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She was the Keynote speaker at the 2007 Global Inspiration Conference in Turkey.