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Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD [DOWNLOAD VERSION]

Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD back cover
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD disc
Item #: CD045
Forgiveness / Ideal Life CD [DOWNLOAD VERSION]
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"...Feel yourself walk out into a large room and hear the words, 'All Rise', as you walk to the Judge's bench..."

This is the beginning of the journey of Forgiveness, an exercise featured in our Seminar - especially powerful when presented in the training context, but powerful nonetheless each time you explore it on your own. Forgiveness leads to a meditation about us creating our Ideal Life, and concludes with a new Breath Session theme - the "Torus Breath". If you enjoy our Infinity/Triune session, you will enjoy this equally as much.

ATTENTION!!! This Download File is large. Read SPECS Tab.

IMPORTANT: Our CDs are intended only to support a Transformational Breath® practice. They are not sold as a teaching tool. Please locate a Facilitator in your area to learn Transformational Breath.

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There are 4 tracks on this electronic download. They are in .mp3 format which may be played on your PC / Mac or MP3 player, or other portable devices.

ATTENTION: This Download File is 66meg.
Download time estimates are at least:
3 meg broadband - 3 minutes
15 meg broadband - 36 seconds
50 meg broadband - 11 seconds

The bit rate for this audio recording is 256kbps, which combines better than CD quality sound with a manageable download size. Tracks are named:


Also included with this download are all the materials which are sold with the actual physical CD (except the CD wallet, of course). The CD face, CD Front and Back covers, There are also the words to the Forgiveness track, and a small Torus chart to use as reference.


E-Products are NOT returnable.

WARNING - Do Not Listen to this CD while driving or doing any other activity that requires focus and concentration!!

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