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Breathing Mouthpiece
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    These hard plastic mouthpieces are perfect for keeping the mouth open during a breathing session. They are hand washable with dish soap and warm water and so are re-usable. (We do not want to clutter landfills with plastic.) Sold in a set of 4 (each piece is individually wrapped). ATTENTION PARENTS: These are not Toys -- Keep Away from Small Children.

    Torus Chart (front)
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      These Torus Charts depict the technique of the Torus Breath. Phase 1 is on the front, Phase 2 on the back. Each chart is laminated. Dimensions: 11.5 inches wide by 9 inches high.

      Breathwork Value Pack
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        For those who are starting their breathing practice, get a Value Deal on media and supplies.Each Pack has Judith Kravitz' book "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly", the Guided Session CD, The "Into The Breath" DVD, plus a set of four (4) individually wrapped mouthpieces, a belly-bag, and an eye pillow.AN $95 RETAIL VALUE FOR $64.95.Notice to the Reader: While the DVD does offer some basic bit of instruction, this package is NOT intended as a "How-To" Breathing Kit. These are supplies that will help...

        "Breathe" Bumper Sticker (set of 5) "Breathe" Bumper Sticker
        Price: $5.00
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          Car bumpersticker. Offered in a set of of 5. Available in a deep blue with white letters, featuring the TBF logo.

          Yantra Card Deck
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            "The Art of Being Present" - 64 Cards of Wisdom and Intention. Comes with 150 Page Guidebook. Developed by Karl Schaffner and Maya Adjani. Each card features original artwork painted by Karl over a period of 15 years.An Amazing Oracle! Each card measures 6.75 inches square.