Shopping Help

How do we contact you if we have questions?

You may call us at +1 603.286.8333 (USA) or email us at:

What are your hours?

Our Office is staffed for shopping-related tasks only during mid-week. In the event of a problem, you may email us or call, but please be patient if you do not receive a reply right away.

Return Policy

Our Return Policy is as follows:
1- Electronic Download products are obviously NOT returnable. Before buying, download the free product samples to assess the sound, text, or video quality. Make sure your Internet connection is robust enough to support the download, as well making certain to read the Product Specs.
2- A physical product is returnable ONLY if broken or defective. Please call or email us in the event of defective or broken goods. Otherwise, we cannot issue refunds, returns, or credit.

What Payment Methods are available?

We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discovery, and AMEX), as well as payment through PayPal. You can also call-in with your credit card information.

Why is there Handling on the Downloads?

Handling is a Cart-Level charge. First, some orders may have both Downloads and Tangible products so a Handling would naturally apply. Also, for Downloads, while there is NO Shipping, the order must still be "Handled", same as with Tangible products by clearing payment through our Payment Gateway. We also incur costs for Downloads such as Storage, and Bandwidth, which would not apply to a Shipped Tangible product. Last, we drop the price of the Download to shave off the Handling amount anyway.

Which carriers do you use?

Our site uses the US Postal Service to ship. We receive real-time postal rates as a base in calculating shipping.
Also, be advised that the US Postal Service can ONLY track packages to USA borders. Beyond such point, Buyer is responsible for packages misplaced. We will provide written confirmation of proper shipping and tracking in case of dispute. We offer Electronic Download Products as an alternative to international shipping.

What shipping methods can I choose?

There is currently only one (1) ship method available:
-Priority: Domestic Priority for USA and International Priority for shipping across borders and overseas.
We are unable to ship first-class because our office handles physical goods / orders only during mid-week.

Can we calculate shipping before we order?

Yes! On the Shopping Cart page, there is a tool to calculate shipping. You can choose ship method there, you can also retrieve shipping options if you proceed directly to the One-Page Checkout. If you choose not to calculate, shipping will be calculated automatically when the order is processed.

Why is International Shipping so expensive?

Shipping to countries outside the United States can be expensive -- even to Canada and Mexico. Our tests show that the US Post Office has the lowest overseas rates of the big carriers. Distance itself is a large cost factor, but so are package tracking, customs, and special packaging materials and regulations. To reduce average International ship cost, we recommend you put larger orders together as this will be more cost efficient rather than numerous smaller orders.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to every region in the world. But most countries are currently supported. If you add items to your cart and calculate shipping, a message will appear if shipping is unavailable to your home. In addition to limiting our shipping regions, certain products may also be restricted to certain regions while other products will be available.

What is a Shipping Classification Code?

This is a label used for Break-out Shipping. We assign a class to products because they may have different requirements for packaging, and delivery. We have 3 classes: Most are labeled "General Ship Item" while others may appear as "High Value Item", or "Large / Heavy Item"