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    THE STORY / THE EXPERIENCE [Download Version]

    This 53 minute DVD is sort of a "Companion Video" to the book, "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly" discussing some of the benefits of conscious breathing, how the work developed, who needs to breathe with us, what is unique about our work, and how to get started. We also look at the 3 Phases of the Transformational Breath® experience and, between this and the book, one should begin to appreciate the potential applications of our modality and how it applies to one's life situation.

    SESSION: There is a 15 minute Breath Session at the end of the DVD around the 32:30 mark.

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    4) This Video is intended only to support a Transformational Breath® practice. It is NOT SOLD as a teaching tool. Please locate a Facilitator in your area to learn Transformational Breath, or consider the "Into The Breath" DVD which does offer a safe brief starting point in breathing instruction.

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    _Transformational Breath_The Story_The Experience.mp4
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    _Transformational_Breath_The Story_The Experience.mp3

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